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Whether you are contemplating separating your family or a change in employment is necessitating a review of your support obligations, child support is a key issue in many family law cases. The reason is simple: the desire to create a custody and parenting time arrangement that meets your child’s best interest is naturally followed up by a concern with the best way to ensure you have the financial resources to meet their needs.

Child support in Minnesota is currently based upon two major considerations. First, the parents or the Court will determine what monthly income each parent is or should be earning. The second consideration in determining child support is the amount of parenting time each parent has. The more parenting time awarded to a parent the less child support that is exchanged between parents simply because when you are exercising parenting time you are necessarily incurring expenses that the other parent is not.

Child support in Minnesota is modifiable. As children age there are many circumstances parents face from changes in parenting time, relocation to new cities or states, or changes in employment. The child support laws in Minnesota are designed to provide a pathway for parents to determine if the changes facing them warrant a change in their child support obligation or award.

Finally, once you have a support order, the next step for many parents is securing in collecting the support you are either owed or ordered to pay. There are many options available to parents from direct payments of support obligations to requests for an automatic deduction from income. There are a number of ways to secure the timely payment of support or to ensure your child support payments are being correctly recognized.

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If you have questions about creating a child support award or concerns that your support no longer fits your child’s needs, you can check out our resources page to review important information about child support in Minnesota or contact our office to set up a consultation.

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