When the bonds of matrimony have been broken, you need the best representation possible.

The statistic often cited regarding divorce is that half of all marriages today end in this process.  The divorce process is often very overwhelming for individuals going through it who are already dealing with the emotional toll of the loss of their marriage.  They are now faced with having to decide how to best deal with dividing the family’s finances, property, if spousal maintenance is appropriate, and how to address all of the issues that arise if children are involved. 

The attorneys at Maenner Minnich are able to help you navigate this process and best position yourself so that you minimize the financial and emotional toll through the process and come out in the best position at the end.


If you have questions about divorce or divorce procedings you can check out our resources page to review important information about divorce in Minnesota or contact our office to set up a consultation.

"I was trying to find a lawyer for my sister in law. I reviewed many lawyers and they all pretty much said the same! Until I found Amanda! Her reviews were outstanding and even from opposing counsel' I knew I had to call her! Just like the reviews no nonsense approach very professional and her demeanor is always the same, both in court over the phone and in person. A true professional! I would recommend her to any of my colleagues without hesitation!"

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